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CAPRAM (= Chemical Aqueous Phase
RAdical Mechanism)

CAPRAM [Chemical Aqueous Phase Radical Mechanism]
CAPRAM 2.4 (MODAC mechanism) and reduced version
(according to: Ervens,B.; George,C.; Williams, J. E.; Buxton, G. V.; Salmon, G. A.; Bydder, M.; Wilkinson, F.; Dentener, F.; Mirabel, P. and Herrmann, H.; CAPRAM 2.4 (MODAC mechanism): An extended and condensed tropospheric aqueous phase mechanism and its application, J. Geophys. Res. 108 (D14), 4426, 2003.)
Tables for CAPRAM 2.4 according to the above manuscript
(32 pages)
Inputfile for CAPRAM 2.4 corresponding to original manuscript and tables
FACSIMILE Inputfile for CAPRAM 2.4
Comments, Remarks, Corrections to CAPRAM2.4
Remarks and Corrections regarding CAPRAM 2.4
Corrected Inputfile considering the above remarks
Reduced version of CAPRAM2.4
Inputfile for reduced CAPRAM 2.4
Inputfile for reduced CAPRAM 2.4 [revised version]

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