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CAPRAM (= Chemical Aqueous Phase
RAdical Mechanism)

CAPRAM [Chemical Aqueous Phase Radical Mechanism]
* Ervens, B.; George, C.; Willams, J. E.; Buxton, G. V.; Salmon, G .A.; Bydder, M.; Wilkinson, F.; Dentener, F.; Mirabel, P. and Herrmann, H.; CAPRAM 2.4 (MODAC mechanism): An extended and condensed tropospheric aqueous phase mechanism and its application, J. Geophys. Res. 108 (D14), 4426. (2003)

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Literature to CAPRAM applications
* Sehili, A.M.; Wolke, R.; Knoth, O.; Simmel, M.; Tilgner, A. and Herrmann, H.; Comparison of different model approaches for the simulation of multiphase processes. Atm. Env. 39 (23-24), 4403-4417. (2005)

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Literature to CAPRAM modifications and related model studies
* Leriche, M.; Chaumerliac, N. and Monod, A; Coupling quasi-spectral microphysics with multiphase chemistry: a case study of a polluted air mass at the top of the Puy de Dôme mountain (France), Atm. Env. Vol. 35 , No. 32 , p. 5411-5423 (Elsevier). (2001)

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Additionally cited literature
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